6 Attractive Options For Your Garage Door

A garage door is a necessity for your house, of course. However, depending on the size of your garage, the door can take up a lot of space. As such, the garage door has a lot of impact on the façade of your home. Select a garage door that best promotes the unique character of your house.

1. Attractive Frame

The frame on your garage can be just as impactful as the door itself. For instance, an arched frame furthers the classic feel of a traditional home. For a craftsman style house, brick with a trellis or other feature above makes the garage door seem like a highlight of the home itself.

2. Unique Color

Color is another way to make your door stand out. If you have a modern home, consider a truly unique color such as lime green or tangerine. However, even traditional or historic homes can benefit from an infusion of color. For instance, an eggplant-colored door for a Victorian home provides just a touch of whimsy. A navy door on a Cape Cod style home is elegant and tasteful.

3. Glass Panes

An attractive and uncommon option for a garage door is one made of multiple panes of glass. According to Better Homes and Gardens, a garage door made of panes of glass lightens the façade of your home. Depending on the style of your house, a glass door can also promote a modern look.

4. Custom Doors

Sometimes the best garage door is not a garage door at all – or doesn't look like one, anyway. The glass-paned option falls into this category. However, another option is you can also select doors that resemble French doors with panes of glass and faux door handles. For a farmhouse, barn doors are a creative addition to your garage.

5. Wooden Accents

At one time wooden doors were pretty standard. With newer materials such as vinyl and aluminum taking center stage, though, wooden doors anywhere garner attention. Imagine the appeal of a set of wooden garage doors. Such a set up works especially well with craftsman or traditional style homes.

6. Uniform Color

If you have a multi-car garage, you may now want to draw attention to your garage doors, since they already take up so much space. In that case, consider garage doors the same color as your siding. This minimizes the visual impact of the doors themselves, since they blend into the background.

Whether you choose a garage door that blends into the background, stands out or even resembles something else, your selection can add curb appeal to your home. Visit a garage door company like Raynor Door Company today.