Repairing Cracks And Other Minor Cosmetic Damage To Your Wood Garage Door

Over time, cracks and small holes can develop in the surface of your wood garage door as a result of exposure to moisture and fluctuating temperatures. While this type of cosmetic damage can have a huge impact on the way your door looks, it will rarely interfere with the way your door functions as long as it is repaired quickly. The good news is, you can often repair this type of damage yourself by simply following the instructions outlined below.

Your Supply List

You will need several basic supplies in order to complete the repairs to your garage door. These supplies include:

  • wood putty
  • putty knife
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • sanding block
  • rotary tool
  • mineral spirits
  • microfiber cloth
  • clean paintbrushes
  • wood stain or paint to match existing finish

Cleaning The Door

The first step in the repair process is to ensure that the door is free from debris and finishing products. This can be done by using a sanding block covered in fine grit sandpaper to strip the finish of the door surrounding the damaged areas. Next, use a rotary tool to reach into the damaged areas and gently sand away any debris that is hidden inside.

Once you are done sanding the door, you will need to remove any sawdust and loose debris that is left behind. Begin this process by brushing the door off with a clean paintbrush. Next, use a microfiber cloth that has been dampened with mineral spirits to remove any remaining debris.

Repairing The Door

After cleaning all of the damaged areas thoroughly, you will be ready to begin the necessary repairs. In order to do this, you will need to fill each crack or hole with wood putty using a putty knife that is small enough to fit inside the damage so that the putty can be compressed into even the smallest crevices. Once the area has been filled in completely, simply use the edge of your putty knife to remove any excess materials and smooth out the surface of the repair.

Finishing The Door

After allowing your wood putty to dry completely, you will be ready to put the finishing touches on your repairs. Begin by gently sanding the repair patches to ensure they are perfectly smooth and even with the surrounding door. Next, apply a thin coat of paint or wood stain to the repaired areas. Allow the stain or paint to dry and then apply another thin coat. Continue repeating this process until you have perfectly matched the color of your existing door finish.

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