3 Garage Doors To Consider

Choosing a new garage door can often be a bit complicated due to the many different types of doors that are available. Things are made even more difficult when you consider that all of them have their own unique set of benefits. Listed below are just three great garage door options that you should consider.


Steel is a great choice for a garage door because the steel will make the door extremely durable. In many cases, a manufacturer will offer a lifetime warranty on the steel door because of the door's durability. When you have a steel door you will not really have to worry about accidents causing dents or cracks in your garage door.

However, if your steel garage door is scratched you will want to make sure that you seal the crack as soon as possible. This is necessary because while a scratch will not cause permanent damage to the steel itself, the scratch will remove paint and expose the steel to the rain or snow. At that point, the steel can begin to rust.


A wooden garage door is very popular with people who want a natural and beautiful look to their garage door. This is a good choice if you are looking to boost your home's curb appeal since the wood garage door will make up a large percentage of the front view of your home.

Another benefit to a wood garage door is that it can be suitable for most budgets as the price will vary greatly depending on the type of wood that you want or if you need a solid wood door. For example, if you want the curb appeal provided by a wood door but are on a tight budget, then you can buy a door that is made out of plywood with real wood paneling.


Aluminum is one of the best materials available if you need a door for a wide garage. With wood or steel, an extra-wide garage door can often be too heavy for a typical garage door opener to handle. However, aluminum's light weight means that you will not have to invest in a stronger garage door motor or strain your current one.

Speak to a local garage door dealer today in order to check out the many great garage door options. Aluminum is a great choice due to its lightweight while steel is perfect for anyone needing a durable and long-lasting door. In addition, it is hard to beat a wood door if you want an aesthetically pleasing garage door to boost your home's curb appeal.