Remove Dents And Patch Small Holes In A Metal Garage Door

If you accidentally backed your travel trailer into the garage door on your property and the door's metal surface has a couple of small dents and holes in it, repairing the damage can be achieved with the steps listed below. After you have completed the steps, damage will no longer be evident and the door can be used like normal.


  • hand plunger
  • water
  • wooden board
  • hammer
  • tube of waterproof metal patch
  • caulk gun
  • putty knife
  • sandpaper (fine grit)
  • tack cloth
  • touch up paint (for exteriors)

Remove The Dents

Close and lock the garage door so that it doesn't move while you are removing the dents. Moisten the rubber end of a hand plunger with a few drops of water. Place the rubber suction cup over one of the dents and press the handle towards the door until the rubber piece attaches. Pull the handle towards yourself with force. Reattach the suction cup and pull the handle towards you until the dent has been removed. Remove the other dented portion in the same manner.

If the plunger doesn't effectively remove the dents after several attempts, go inside the garage and place a wooden block against the backside of one of the dents. Hold the block firmly and tap it with a hammer several times. Move the block to the backside of the other dented area and tap it. Go back outside and inspect the metal door to make sure its surface is level. 

Fill Holes And Add Touch Up Paint

Insert a tube of waterproof metal patch into a caulk gun. Place the tip of the gun in one of the holes (on the exterior side of the door) and dispense the product by squeezing the tool's trigger. Once the hole is filled, move on to the next one and patch it with the same method. Smooth out any excess patch with a putty knife. Wait the amount of time that is listed on the tube for the patch to dry.

Lightly sand the patched holes with a sheet of fine grit sandpaper. Wipe away dust from the sanded areas with a tack cloth. If the metal door has a painted surface, apply touch up paint to the patched areas. Brush the paint on evenly with the applicator that came with the paint. Once the paint dries, add a second coat if the metal is still showing through. After the second coat dries, the door will be damage-free and can opened and closed when you need to use it. 

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