Clear Signs Your Garage Door Opener Needs Repair

Your garage door opener is a critical part of your garage door. It is one of the most used items in your home. It's unlikely you will notice the door opener is not working until it gives you some warning signs that all is not well. Here are some of the major signs that the door opener needs repair.

The Door Opener Is Very Loud

If your garage opener suddenly went from being quiet to being very noisy then pay attention. If it starts with giving off loud noises, it is a clear sign that something is not quite right with it. Often when a garage opener is broken, the sound you hear will change depending on whether you are opening or closing the garage door.

The Opener Is Unresponsive

An unresponsive garage door opener is also another clear indicator that things are not quite right. If you notice that at times the opener responds quickly and at other times it is unresponsive and you have to try multiple times to get it working, it needs repair. Don't hesitate because the garage door opener is showing you signs that one day it will not work at all.

Failure to Close or Open the Door 

One of the hardest signs to miss is when the garage door opener does not open or close the door properly. Your garage door is important for your security. It not only secures your car but the belongings and occupants in your home as well.

When the garage door opener is failing to close the door properly, you must take action to immediately repair it before it compromises the security of your vehicle and your home.

The Remotes Don't Work

Your garage door opener needs to be able to work with its remote. Check to make sure that the batteries in your remote are not going bad when the remote is not working. If they are not going bad, then problems with the remote are indicative that the door opener needs repair.

Get Repairs 

A garage door opener that does not work properly is very problematic. It can be very inconvenient especially if it's not working when you need it the most. Once you notice signs the door opener is not working, it's not a good idea to hesitate. Get it fixed immediately to avoid any inconveniences, and to prevent any compromise of the safety of your vehicle and home.

Contact a garage door opener repair service for more info.