Learn How To Remove Imperfections From A Wooden Garage Door And Add New Stain

Keep your garage door in great shape by removing imperfections in the wood  and adding fresh stain to the surface if the color of the door has faded. Once you have completed the following steps, your door will look new again and will complement the rest of your property.

Use The Following Items

  • vinyl tarp
  • water hose
  • sponge
  • soapy water
  • bucket
  • electric sander
  • low and high grit sandpaper
  • paint tray
  • wood stain (for exteriors)
  • polyurethane (for exteriors)
  • paint roller
  • roller handle
  • roller frame
  • thin paintbrush
  • mixing stick

​Clean And Sand The Surface

Wipe the door's surface with a soapy sponge to remove visible dirt. Rinse the door off well with a water hose that is adjusted to a setting that provides strong water pressure. Visible marks in the door can be removed by sanding the surface. Attach a piece of low grit paper to an electric sander. Press down firmly on the sander and move it with the grain of the wood. Once the surface is smooth, lightly sand it with a piece of fine grit paper. Rinse the door off with a water hose. Wait for the door to dry.

Apply Stain 

Protect the ground by laying out a vinyl tarp in front of the area where you will be working. Secure the door so that it accidentally does not open while you are adding the stain or polyurethane. Mix the stain well before pouring it into a paint tray. Apply the stain in straight lines, working from top to bottom. If there are any small crevices in the wood, use a thin paintbrush to cover them. Wait for the stain to dry. This may take several hours. Darker colors of stain take longer to dry than lighter ones.

Add Polyurethane

Add a coat of polyurethane over the stain. Polyurethane will enhance the way that the stain appears by adding shine to the surface. It will also protect the stain from damage if it is exposed to moisture or sunlight. Stir the polyurethane and pour it into a paint tray. Use the paint roller to apply it in straight lines. Again, use the paintbrush to cover intricate parts of the wood. Wait for the polyurethane to dry overnight. 

Your garage door will be damage free and will look as good as it did when it was first installed (by a company like Kelly's Garage Door Sales & Service). Keep it clean throughout the year in order to maintain its appearance.