How To Keep Your Garage Protected When Your Door Is On The Fritz

Most homeowners treat their garage like an extension of their home. Inside can be found valuables ranging from expensive tools to furniture, and everything in between. Plus, most garages have an entryway into the home that may not be all that secure. If something happens and your garage door stops working and is stuck open, it can leave you pretty vulnerable. Even though a repair professional will usually get to you pretty quick, it may be a day or two before you can get your door working again. There are a few things you can do to try and keep your home and garage secure while you wait.

Disconnect the Garage Door Opener

If the garage door opener seems to be causing the problem that is forcing your door to stay open, you should try disconnecting it and manually pulling the door closed. In some cases, the motor of the opener will burn out, but the safety mechanism designed to prevent the door from closing will hold the door firmly opened, even though you need it to be shut. Overriding this safety feature is usually as simple as disconnecting power to the garage door opener. However, if the door is jammed open or has other issues, you will have to do your best to make your garage more secure temporarily.

Continue Using Your Garage for Parking

Even if you normally do not park your car inside of your garage, if the door is jammed open, it will be best if the car is inside. Not only will the parked car let people know that there is someone home, but most modern vehicles have security features and alarms that could potentially scare away an intruder or thief when it engages. Furthermore, a car taking up space in the garage will mean less room for someone to move around, which would make it more difficult to grab something and get out quickly without you noticing.

Keep the Area Well Lit and Use Barricades if Necessary

If your garage door is stuck open, leave the lights on inside and make sure the area is highly visible to deter thieves and vandals. You could even leave a radio on to give the impression that someone is inside overnight. However, if you still feel that the garage could be too vulnerable with the door wide open, do not hesitate to block the area temporarily with sheets of plywood and a few screws.

Dealing with a faulty garage door is one thing, but dealing with a garage door that refuses to close brings about an entirely new concern of security as a homeowner. If you have a garage door that refuses to shut, talk to a repair professional like Zook Garage Door Services as soon as possible and let them know how concerned you are about the situation.