Is It Time To Upgrade Your Garage Door?

Having a garage door that lasts for years is something to be proud of as it shows the door was well-made. However, eventually, you do have to make some upgrades due to safety issues and general functionality. Your older garage door may have served you well so far, but now it's time to consider some upgrades.

The Garage Door Opener Doesn't Automatically Reverse

This is a critical safety issue. If you have a garage door opener that raises and lowers the door via remote or switch, it has to have an automatic reverse function that sends the door back up if the sensors pick up anyone or anything in the path of the door. Older openers did not have this, and if you still have one of those, it's time to upgrade to a new one. Even if the rest of the garage door system is in great shape, this one upgrade is a must.

It's Still Fully Manual

It's one thing if you've recently installed a garage door and decided not to get an opener, instead opting to manually open the door. It's another if you have a fully manual door that was installed decades ago. While products built then have a reputation for lasting, you may want to upgrade to include an automatic opener. You won't necessarily have to get rid of the door, but you may find newer doors are more energy efficient through better insulation. A garage door company can give you more information.

You Haven't Had Anyone Look at It in Years

If no one has inspected the door in years, and you haven't done any maintenance on it, chances are the door is in worse shape than you realize. It may still work, but you'll need to have a garage door company come by and take a look at the whole thing. Springs should be replaced, the sensors need to be cleaned and tested, and the weatherstripping likely needs to be torn out and replaced as well. And that's if you're lucky; the door itself could need replacement. Instead of thinking of it as repairing an old door, look at it as an upgrade. You'll still have to have the company inspect everything, but once you know the exact condition of the garage door, you can start looking at new models, for example, or at upgrading the opener.

Your garage door plays a bigger role in your comfort and safety than many other parts of your house. Upgrading the door is not just a cosmetic issue; it ensures you have the latest technology that lets the door function more efficiently.

Contact a garage door company to learn more.