How To Lubricate Your Garage Door Equipment

Proper lubrication is the key to a smoothly operating garage door. It also helps combat friction, which cuts down on noise and equipment wear, further prolonging the life of your automatic garage door equipment. There are a few key areas that require regular lubrication, so read on to find out where they are and how you can grease them properly:

Pick the Right Lubrication

Not all lubrication is created equal. You want to skip anything that is greasy or sticky feeling, since it will simply attract dirt and gum up the garage door's system. Overly liquid lubes are also best avoided, since they may drip and damage your gar or the garage floor beneath.

Instead, opt for a silicone-based lubricant spray meant for use on garage doors. You can usually find these at hardware stores, and they may even have garage door-specific formulas on display near the garage door supply or opener section.

Check the Rollers

The rollers usually let you know when they need lubricated, either by sticking or squealing. Make sure the tracks are clear of debris and that the roller is dusted. Insert the spray straw on the lubricant behind the rollers and spray. You want to grease the rollers, not the track.

Lube the Springs and Chains

Most garage doors have springs, and chain-driven models also have a chain. You want to lightly lube the entire length of the springs. Take care not to disturb the springs too much though, since they are under high tension.

The chain resembles a bicycle chain and it connects to the automatic garage opener. It's usually housed in a track, but you can access the chain fro one side. Grease this just as you would a bike chain, by wiping a light coat of lubricant down its length.

Don't Overlook the Hinges

A variety of hinges connect the door panels together. Dirt and dust can buildup on the hinges and make them stick, which can warp the panels or put stress on the automatic garage door equipment.

Begin by washing the door to get rid of dust. A pressure washer or water and a scrub brush are sufficient for this task. Once clean, insert the spray lubricant straw deeply into each hinge and apply the lubricant. You may need to open the door partially to access the hinges between panels.

Most garage doors only require once-yearly lubrication. Doing it at the same time every year, such as each spring or fall, can make it easier to remember to complete this chore. To learn more, contact a company like Garbers Of Richmond Inc.