3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garage Door

Since garage doors can take up a large portion of the exterior of your home, the design of the door can make or break the look of your home from the curb. Do you have a less than beautiful garage door that you want to spruce up a bit? Below, you will find a few ideas that can help you take your garage door from drab to fab in no time.

Hardware for a Faux Finish

If you like the looks of wood carriage house garage doors, you can create a look much like it by adding some hardware.

Purchase four large decorative hinges to place on both sides of the garage door. Select two large decorative handles to place at the center and finish with a painted crease down the center of the door. This will make the garage door appear to open and close from the center and provide a little ornamental appeal to the otherwise plain garage door.

Garage Door Skins

Garage door skins are a relatively new concept that has not become popular as of yet, but they give any homeowner an easy way to give their metal garage doors a makeover.

These skins use strong magnets to hold the skins onto the surface of the garage door, so installation is quick, easy and fun. Simply place the skin panels on the garage door and your garage door can appear to be a beautiful finished carriage house garage door.

What's great about this option is that it can be completed by anyone in any home with a metal garage door. If you rent your home and want to improve the appearance of the garage door, this is the perfect solution for you.

Over-Door Trellis

Building an over-door trellis or pergola to beautify your garage door does require some woodworking skills, but it can have a great impact on the appearance of the garage. The trellis can be left without plants, or finished with some gorgeous vines draped across the opening of your garage.

If you don't have experience working with wood, you are probably best to leave this project to a professional contractor. If it is not attached to the garage properly, it could fall and hurt someone or damage the vehicles below.

Talk with your local garage door expert (such as Academy Door & Control Corporation) to learn more ways to improve the appearance of your garage door, so that it doesn't take away from the curb appeal of your home.