Remove Dents And Patch Small Holes In A Metal Garage Door

If you accidentally backed your travel trailer into the garage door on your property and the door's metal surface has a couple of small dents and holes in it, repairing the damage can be achieved with the steps listed below. After you have completed the steps, damage will no longer be evident and the door can be used like normal. Materials hand plunger water wooden board hammer tube of waterproof metal patch caulk gun putty knife sandpaper (fine grit) tack cloth touch up paint (for exteriors) Remove The Dents [Read More]

How To Properly Clean Your Garage Door

Cleaning your garage door is an important piece of maintenance that needs to be done on a monthly basis to prevent a buildup of dirt and debris. Cleaning the garage door is fairly simple and can be done by following the steps outlined below. 1 – Start by taking a hard bristled broom and brush away all the leaves and dirt that have built up around the outside of the garage door. [Read More]

Protect Your Garage Door Springs From Temperature Changes This Winter

Metal expands and contracts based on temperature, which is why weather changes and drops in temperature can cause your metal garage door springs to contract. This means cold air in winter can affect the tension in your door and may lead to breakages. You can protect your garage door spring this winter by installing weather stripping around your garage door opening. Doing this can prevent cold air from leaking into your garage and thus will control the temperature in your garage. [Read More]

3 Garage Doors To Consider

Choosing a new garage door can often be a bit complicated due to the many different types of doors that are available. Things are made even more difficult when you consider that all of them have their own unique set of benefits. Listed below are just three great garage door options that you should consider. Steel Steel is a great choice for a garage door because the steel will make the door extremely durable. [Read More]